Welcome to The Confidence Club

Where you learn to overcome your self-doubt, fear and hesitation and confidently create a career you love.
Are you frustrated that you:
  • Constantly worry what other people think?
  • Always feel your work isn’t good enough?
  • Feel like you don’t quite belong,
  • Are uncomfortable speaking up for yourself?
  • Feel like you deserve more, but don’t feel comfortable asking for it?
  • Are convinced that one day you’ll be found out as an impostor?
Are you ready to achieve greater career success, with more confidence and self-belief?

Confidence is something that can be learned and I’m going to teach you how.
Your Coach Julie xx


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What actually happens inside The Confidence Club?

The Confidence Club is a Career Membership that is designed to give professional women like you the training, tools, strategies, and expert guidance to help you achieve greater success in your career.

You receive live expert training, access to recordings, personalized guidance and an amazing support group and a curriculum that fits into your busy life.

You make the important changes you've been longing for in your career. And those important shifts transform your life!

🔴   You build the foundation that will help you develop your confidence and achieve your highest potential.

🔴   Every month you learn new skills and techniques to support your confidence goals with topics such as...
  • Speak Up and Get Your Voice Heard
  • Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
  • Develop your professional network
  • Having a difficult conversation
  • Speaking with Executives
  • Presenting with Confidence
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Preparing for your Performance Review
🔴  You have access to my support, guidance and motivation to help you develop your skills, build your confidence and achieve greater career success
How does it work?

Step 1 – Belief – Why do you feel the way you do?
  • Do other people tell you how good you are – but you don’t believe them?
  • Are you confident in your ability to do your work – but not so confident owning it and talking about how amazing your work is?
  • Do you believe people think negatively about you / your work.
The first stage in the process is to understand why you feel the way you do and how that influences your behaviour. By acknowledging this you give yourself the starting point to do something about it.

Step 2 – Empowerment – Create change in how you see yourself.
  • If you want to behave more confidently you MUST change the way you think, about yourself, the people around you, and the environment you work in.
  • You’re going to learn tools and techniques to help you create change in the way you think and feel.
It’s only through a change in your mindset that you achieve change in your behaviour.

Step 3 – Habits – Develop new, more confident habits.
  • Most of your behaviours are habits that have formed over time, and now you need to create much more confident habits and behaviours.
  • You are going to ditch those limiting habits that hold you back and replace them with more powerful habits that fill you with confidence.
You’re going to learn to create a more confident response in any situation in which your self-doubt holds you back.

Step 4 – Intention – It’s time to act.
  • Confidence comes from action and now you have laid the foundation, it’s time to act.
  • You’re going to set confidence goals for yourself and create the new beliefs, mindset and behaviours that are going to help you achieve them, with my support of course.
You’re going to start experiencing real results as you build your skills and grow in confidence.

Step 5 – Momentum – Keep on going.
  • Creating change is not easy, particularly when you are trying to overcome years of embedded fear and self-doubt.
  • You’ll learn how to keep going when it starts to feel tough, when the change doesn’t quite go to plan, and you need that boost of motivation to keep on going.
The Confidence Club is here for you to continue supporting you until you're ready to maintain the momentum you need to keep developing and growing in confidence.

Step 6 – Developing Your Skills.
  • Every month you're going to learn new skills through live training sessions to help you develop your confidence.
  • Every quarter you'll have access to online bootcamps that help you achieve specific confidence goals.
  • Every day you'll have access to my help and support inside The Confidence Club Community Group where I answer your questions and provide additional information and inspiration.
The first five steps create the foundation, in Step 6 you build and develop the skills and competencies you need to continue to grow into a more confident version of you.
If you want more confidence – The Confidence Club is the place to be.
Come join us.


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Payment Options:

Annual Membership - make a commitment to invest in a more confident version of you. Confidence doesn't happen over night and by committing yourself to focus on your confidence over the next 12 months you are giving yourself the best chance of creating lasting change.

The annual subscription is only £260 for a full year (that's just £5 per week) in which you'll:
  •  Develop the confidence to stand up and have your voice heard.
  • To develop the confidence to negotiate better pay and conditions with your boss.
  • To believe in yourself and your ability to take on that new job, to go for that promotion.
  • To finally stop self-doubt and fear from getting in the way of your future and your success.
And, if you’re still hesitating about making that investment, doubting yourself and your ability to put in the effort – you can take advantage of my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on the annual fee. Sign up today and if you don’t feel it’s great value for money, just request a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Monthly Payment Option - you can choose to select a monthly payment option. On the monthly subscription you pay JUST £27 per month for as long as you want to stay in The Confidence Club. When you’re ready to leave you simply cancel your subscription. No fee, no penalty, no minimum term, you simply leave when you’re ready.

How do I know if it's right for me?

The Confidence Club is right for you if:

🔴  You're ready for greater confidence, satisfaction and success and power in your career.
🔴  You want to be respected and valued, and do work that is meaningful.
🔴  You are fed up with self-doubt getting in the way of your success.
🔴  You want to have more confidence, impact, and responsibility, but need help to achieve it.
🔴  You're ready to do the work required to shift your mindset and career.

The Confidence Club is NOT for everyone.

Members who love this program and receive maximum benefit are ready to dig deep to revise limiting beliefs and negative patterns. They’re excited to take action, create change and transform how they communicate and operate in the workplace. And they're committed to doing what's necessary to bring about the shifts they want most. 

Have more questions? Email me at: admin@juliecullen.co.uk